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Come back to the present moment, the only place where reality exists.


Time for Yoga @ Les kinés de la gare à Montpellier.

Hatha / Vinyasa Solaire
Lundi à 20h00

Hatha/ Vinyasa Lunaire
Mercredi à 20h00

9 Rue Frédéric Peyson



Private classes at your place

Group classes in studio

Corporate and group classes available

Yoga for festivals and events

Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.
– Sri B.K.S Iyengar

Benefits of yoga

Improve posture & balance

Train your brain to stand up straight

Breathe easier

Strengthen your lungs

Improved concentration

Channel your inner energy & use it more positively

Create space

In your mind & in your body to see clearly & release tension

Develop strength & flexibility

For better control of your body & it’s movement

Find calm and serenity

Become united with yourself, to life & the earth

About me

Matilda Del Pino – Yoga instructor

Yoga has been part of my life for 8 years now. Yoga has helped me to feel more united with myself and with others. It’s helped me to listen to myself more, to accept myself as I am and to cope with all situations. Yoga inspires me to live each day with more awareness and gratitude.

I completed my Hatha Yoga 200h RYT training in 2018 at Shiva Rishi Yoga school in India and I was trained in 100h Anatomy and Improvement in 2021 at Yoga Inari in France. I have been guiding, teaching, and accompanying the practice of Yoga for 3 years. Sharing Yoga brings me a lot of satisfaction. Creating this moment of unification and well-being between each person nourishes me a lot. I seek to help others find their inner calm, to create space so that I can listen to, accept and love each other more.

The word Yoga in Sanskrit means “Union”. When we practice Yoga, we create a union with our self being and all that surrounds it. We can say that we practice Yoga when we feel united and connected to nature, when we are in a trance while dancing to music, when we feel and listen to our interior.

The purpose of practicing the postures is to influence, integrate, and harmonize all physical, practical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels. In addition to all this, the Yoga postures maintain our body smoothly because there is no impact. We work on the deep muscles, taking care of our ligaments and our bones.

What more can you ask for ? 🙂

Yoga classes for all levels

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